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How do I apply decals?

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Why won't my wall decals stick sometimes?

There can be many reasons why wall decals won't stay put – proper application can last for years; some of the known causes are:

  • Wall preparation – the wall has not been properly cleaned or dry before applying the decal.

  • Wall surface – our decals will not adhere to cloth, stucco, brick, concrete, cement render or similar uneven surfaces including some wall papers. These surfaces are not completely smooth and unfortunately this does not allow sufficient smooth surface area for the decal to adhere to

  • Overhandling – preparation; that is the key when applying your new decal – each time you remove it from the wall or handle the adhesive, you could be reducing the affectiveness of the adhesive.

  • Newly painted - you need to allow for 3 weeks after painting before putting your decal up.

How do I remove the decals?

  • Slowly peel off the decal by gently pulling away from the wall.

  • If the decal offers any resistance, gently warm it with a hairdryer set on LOW and continue peeling.

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